It’s the time of the year for the annual spring dog sale, and I have three dogs currently for sale: Antelope, Jovi and Guinness.

Antelope — SOLD

Fresh off the Iditarod trail, Antelope is 4 years old, is a hard-working team dog of about 55 pounds, and has run in four 1,000-mile races; an Iditarod at age 2, the Yukon Quest and Iditarod at age 3 and this year’s Iditarod as a 4 year old. He ran with Sebastian Schnuelle this year, and was dropped from the team at Galena only because he winced when Schnuelle bent his wrist.


Antelope, fresh off his Iditarod

I just ran Antelope on a fun run while we still have snow. He ran hard and did several miles in lead without hesitation, even with two females in heat on the team. Of course, he’s neutered. (This was a fun run, so running in lead does not make him a “leader” in a Quest or Iditarod sense of the word.)

His father is a dog out of Mitch Seavey‘s core lines and mother is my favorite leader from a few years ago, Kazan.

Antelope finished with me in my third place Quest team in 2009, and was a very solid part of my team in that race. Never an issue. He’s got legs and he knows how to use them. In my mind, he is easily a $1,000 dog, but because he did not finish the Iditarod and is neutered, I am asking $750.

Guinness — Sale pending

Guinness, 6, has seen it all, done it all and doesn’t need the hassle anymore. She needs to go to a recreational team or someone interested in a less-than-competitive pace. She’s a 48-pound, spayed female who’s run multiple Iditarods, one Quest and even the All Alaska Sweepstakes on Jeff King‘s team in 2008. She just finished another Iditarod with Zack Steer this year, as fat at the finish line as she was at the start. She’s $300.

Jovi — Sale pending


Jovi, a hard-driving little girl

Jovi, a yearling, is a natural young leader. She turns two this spring. She is small, maybe 37 pounds, but runs with her head down and wants to drive the team forward. She completed the Knik 200, running in lead for 50 miles, and the Tustumena 200 this past winter. Her father is a dog from Jeff King named Tater and her mother is one of my leaders, Adidas. She is for sale for two reasons: Her small size and a small bump that appeared on one wrist after the T200. Two sets of veterinarians checked her out and both sets said they see no issue whatsoever, either on X-ray or in her gait. But I have to control the size of my kennel so her “flaw” puts her on my for-sale list this year. Jovi is $500.

Get hold of me by email (kasilofdogATgmailDOTcom), or call 254-433-8053.

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