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Heads up: I have a new article posted on the Momentum dog food web site, \Dr. Tim’s Pet Food Company – Champions’ Corner, or short url: There should be more articles coming over the course of the winter. Parts of them may be posted right here as well.

The article is part of a mini class I may be teaching here in Kasilof, talking with newer distance mushers about camping on the trail and then giving them an opportunity to practice while I am with them. The whole point is to go over the fundamentals of caring for dogs when you are by yourself, being efficient, and gaining confidence so you can pull over whenever it is right for the dogs to have a big meal and take a nap.

Mushers who’ve gained skills in running long distance often come from backgrounds where winter camping is foreign and a little intimidating.


There isn’t a lot of excitement, usually, during the slog days of fall training, and it has been a fairly typical year so far. We’re running a little longer than when we started, but the temperatures have remained stubbornly high, so water breaks are a major plus for the dogs. I’ve started running the team on the beach between Cohoe and Clam Gulch, and there’s at least one creek that really helps cool them off. They look vastly smoother in gait and more peppy once they’ve left the water. Here’s some images from our last water break…

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  • Looks like a slog in quest. Any info on conditions for leaders? 7 years ago
  • @davidhulen I'm trying real hard not to say "y'all" just yet. Destination: Central Texas. 7 years ago

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