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I’ve added a page showing some images of the guys and gals I’m working with this winter. It’s under the heading of “The Crew.” The page is not comprehensive yet. It will include the adults and maybe a few puppy shots.

Also, yes, some of the images are blurry, so I will work on improving some of them.


The 2010 season is officially under way here, in Kasilof, despite the lingering warm weather we’ve enjoyed lately.

I’ve been taking the dogs on runs in the evenings, which wouldn’t be possible if our trail didn’t cross a wetland between two lakes.

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Kennel tweets

  • Looks like a slog in quest. Any info on conditions for leaders? 7 years ago
  • @davidhulen I'm trying real hard not to say "y'all" just yet. Destination: Central Texas. 7 years ago

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