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Mushers like myself participating in the Tustumena 200 this weekend should get to know the trail real well. At least we get about 4 inches of fresh snow to soften it up and make it sane.

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First we had the deep freeze, then exactly one day of perfect winter weather, and then the wind blew and the rain fell and our trails went to…

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I got a call from another musher yesterday who said there was a rumor that I might withdraw from the Yukon Quest. Not only is that not true, I’m getting more pumped every day.

I’m in the middle of packing food drops, tweaking the race sled and keeping the dogs active, fat and healthy. I’m looking forward to throwing myself into the 2009 Quest, body and soul.

More later on the incredibly lousy trail conditions around here, and our recent trip to “the edge of the world.”

A 300 mile “race” in Big Lake and Willow

There was no purse and just three dog teams, but the inaugural and possibly only ulcer research challenge came off without any major hitch. Mushers and veterinarians seemed pleased.

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Kennel tweets

  • Looks like a slog in quest. Any info on conditions for leaders? 7 years ago
  • @davidhulen I'm trying real hard not to say "y'all" just yet. Destination: Central Texas. 7 years ago

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