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We’re in the weird in-between period when the ground’s frozen, mostly, but we haven’t had a snow storm to speak of. The frozen dirt trails are very abrasive to dog feet, so the best alternative around here is to run ’em on the sandy beach along Cook Inlet…

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Wolf, a survivor of the accident a couple of weeks ago, had reconstructive surgery on his right rear foot Tuesday at a veterinary specialist clinic in Anchorage. The surgeon said he was very happy with how the surgery went, but now comes the hard part: How do you keep a three-year-old sled dog off his feet for up to two months?

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First off, a huge thank you to the calls, e-mails and letters of support over the last few days. You have no idea how it has helped.

It’s been a tough week after the accident, but life is slowly starting to pick up steam. I got a dose of puppy kisses out in the dog yard yesterday and it perked me right up. I’ve also resumed running the dogs, and that did wonders. I was tense for the first run back, which isn’t like me when it comes to running dogs. But today it was just about like old times. I’ve switched to running the dogs on the Cook Inlet beach instead of my local trails, which means trucking the dogs a few miles first. It’s a time-waster, but I don’t want to do any road crossings in the near future.

The way the weather is going, we could wind up with acceptable snow in the Caribou Hills in the next couple of weeks.

I’ll get some images of the beach. It’s an odd feeling working with a dog team right next to the saltwater. But it is easy to navigate, and the soft sand is a heck of a workout for them. On the first run, my four-wheeler’s engine conked about four miles from the truck. I put it in neutral and that string of 10 dogs had to shift into four low while I pedaled along in the soft sand. About a 3 mph pace.

If you’re confused about what this post is about, read the details here. I’m not inclined to talk much about the accident just yet. I am focused on rebuilding my team.

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