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Suddenly, it is pup central around here.

We had four from a couple of litters split with Jeff King, who have grown into sweet little pre-dogs since they showed up early in the summer. Then on Monday, the family loaded into the old dog truck and drove north eight hours to Denali Park to collect the rest.

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Answering the big ‘Quest’ions

I spent the better part of the summer pondering the deep question: “To run, or not to run.” And about two weeks ago, I looked out at the 24 adult sled dogs in my yard and came away with the inescapable conviction that this is the time for me to take a second crack at the Yukon Quest.

The dogs are mature. They’re ready.

That’s what tipped me towards biting off another winter-long challenge to build a team, toss thousands of dollars extra for gear and supplies, devote long hours and, finally, lay it all out there on Feb. 14 for all the world to see.

As a distance musher by nature, I’m pumped.

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Kennel tweets

  • Looks like a slog in quest. Any info on conditions for leaders? 7 years ago
  • @davidhulen I'm trying real hard not to say "y'all" just yet. Destination: Central Texas. 7 years ago

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